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SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener-2 Liter Bottle w/Pump (bottle)

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EasyMix 2 Liter Bottle & Pump

SimplyThick EasyMix is available in a 2 Liter bottle with a pump. This is because the new formula is 2.5x the concentration of the "classic" bottle. Therefore, one bottle could last 2.5 times longer that the previous bottle.

The NEW pump is calibrated to dispense 6 grams of gel per stroke (or full depression of the pump). Thus, to thicken 4oz of a beverage, you would use 1, 2, or 4 strokes to obtain nectar, honey, or pudding consistency.


SimplyThick gel thickener consists of: Water. soluble fiber, xanthan gum, Glucono delta-lactone, gellan gum, potassium sorbate, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, and pectin.

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Serving Size:

One full depression of the pump will dispense 6g of gel. For Nectar/Mildly Thick Consistency, one depression should be mixed with 4oz of a beverage. For honey/Moderately Thick consistency, two depressions of the pump should be mixed with 4oz beverage

Box Yield:

1 2-Liter Bottle with 1 pump

Box Weight:



Certified Kosher - The Kashrut Authority

Gluten Free:


SimplyThick EasyMix Level 2 in a 4oz beverage adds no more than 1g of carbohydrate. SimplyThick EasyMix Level 3 in a 4 oz beverage adds no more than 3g of carbohydrate.


SimplyThick EasyMix Level 2 and 3 both contain a soluable food fiber. There is less than 1g in an 4oz beverage for both.


Level 2- 5 calories
Level 3- 10 calories


There is 20mg of sodium in a mildly thick/nectar serving. There are 25mg of sodium in a moderately/honey serving.

Shelf Life:

SimplyThick EasyMix products may be stored in its original packaging for up to 12 months from its manufactured date. This "Best If Used By Date" is stamped on each packet in MMDDYY format (the codes to the right of the date are manufacturing codes).