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Moxxor Omega-3 Antioxidant New Zeland Concentrate, 60 (Bottle 60)

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Size Bottle 60
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About the product

Easy to swallow as a softgel or dissolved in a liquid form. Good for all ages from 0-150+.

Recommended daily servings: babies/children up to 2 ; adults 4 softgels. Serious conditions: 4+

Veterinarians recommend Moxxor for cats, dogs and horses

No "fishy" burps or reflux or risk of overdose

Product description

Moxxor is neither a drug nor a medication. Its an extremely powerful, proprietary, all natural blend of long chain anti-inflammatory Omega 3 from the New Zealands greenlipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus) providing a unique ratio of 18 omega 3 essential fatty acids (ALA, DHA,EPA,ETA,). Combined with an antioxidant complex from the Sauvignon Blanc grape seed husk extract (with an ORAC level of 12,000 units/g) which is 3x more potent than acai and 50x more potent than goji. Moxxor is the sole worldwide licensee of a proprietary extraction process of Omega 3 from the greenlipped mussel. Moxxors technology does not utilize high heat, esterification, distillation, or other chemical processes or agents, thereby retaining a polar, long chain phospholipid in it's natural (not trigliceride) form. This way the extraordinary benefits of the greenlipped mussel Omega 3 are active and available at the cellular level. Moxxor is 100% free from heavy metals, mercury, cadmium and lead, pesticides, PCBs and/or any other chemical contaminants. No filler ingredients; 100% non-allergenic (no protein or carbohydrate present); 100% natural (no side effects and no interference with any other medications). Note that due to the unique environment of New Zealand, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes seed contain up to twice the levels of polyphenolic antioxidant compounds found in similar seeds grown in other parts of the world. These grapes are grown under a Sustainable Viticulture program and are free from genetically modified material, heavy metals, arsenic and pesticides. Moxxor's grape seed extract is used as a powerful antioxidant agent to scavenge radicals as well as an all natural preservative for the greenliped mussel oil. Moxxor meets and conforms to the FDA requirements for nutraceutical products.