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LASER TOUCH ONE, Laser Pain Therapy

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The LaserTouchOne is the only pain relief device on the market that combines two proven modalities: low level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation, which promote the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level.

The device is a safe alternative to medication or surgery and can eliminate the need for costly prescriptions. It’s painless, easy to use and portable, so that pain relief is always in the palm of your hand.


The LaserTouchOne:

Is proven to be 93% effective in significantly relieving pain

Combines 2 proven, pain-relief modalities
– Micro-current electrical stimulation
– Low level laser therapy (LLLT or “cold laser”)

FDA approved for over-the-counter (OTC) use

A safe alternative to surgery and medication

A revolutionary product based on over 40 years of proven science

Handheld, lightweight, and portable

Promotes the natural repair and healing processes of the body at the cellular level

Does not mask or block pain signals; it treats the source of the pain

*Individual Results May Vary