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9" English Style Ice Cap Bag Hot Or Cold Headache Ache & Pain Relief HT9008 (1EA)

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English Style Ice Cap - 9" 

Get natural relief from headaches, migraines, muscle aches & swelling

The old fashioned English style ice bag has long been a method of our grandmothers for relief of headaches, migraines, swollen joins and limbs.  Ice bags can reduce muscle spasms and inflammation.  Soft bag shapes itself around injured area for good contact.   Convenient for use when traveling or camping, or anywhere you have no freezer to chill a gel pack.  Just grab ice from a cooler or order it from a food establishment - and its ready to provide hours of cold relief for pain and swelling.   This has also been known as a "Hangover" cap for use on that type of headache.   On a hot day, this is really refreshing to use. By applying to the back of your neck you can cool yourself quit easily.   Ladies of a certain age appreciate the ability to cool off rapidly when a flash of heat makes them uncomfortable.


For cold therapy: