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Comfort Bath Washcloths, Pack 8 wipes (Pack of 8 Wipes)

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Size Pack of 8 Wipes
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Comfort Bath Washcloths from are easier for caregivers and easier on skin. 

Providing basic hygiene for a loved one can be an overwhelming task for a caregiver. Getting someone with limited mobility to a tub or shower can make bathing not only difficult and time consuming, but also potentially dangerous. Now, Comfort Bath is making bathing a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Comfort Bath is a rinse-free, full-body bath for anyone who has difficulty getting into the tub or shower. In fact, it eliminates the need for any water source or additional supplies, saving both time and effort. These soft, thick washcloths are soaked in a unique blend of mild cleansers and skin-protecting moisturizers. They leave skin feeling soft and smooth with aloe and vitamin E. The insulated package can be conveniently warmed in the microwave and stays warm throughout the bath. The ultimate cleansing solution! 

Comfort Bath features a deodorant to remove odors on contact. Instead of just masking odors with fragrance, Comfort Bath's exclusive deodorizing ingredient entraps odor molecules to permanently eliminate offensive odors.

You don't have to worry about Comfort Bath washcloths not holding up during bathing. Our washcloths have superior strength, yet are extremely soft and comfortable, even to the most fragile skin. Compared to ordinary thin, flimsy wipes, Comfort Bath provides a stronger and easier alternative.

Comfort Bath Washcloths Features: 

Get clean, healthy skin in less time

Rinse-free, full-body bathing

Soft, soothing thick washcloths with cleanser and moisturizer

Skin friendly

Fortified with Aloe and Vitamin E

Microwaveable for a comfortable warm bath in seconds

USP purified water

Latex free

8" x 8" heavyweight cloths